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What our parents are saying

Extremely impressed with Camp Kind. Teaching children the value and importance of giving back and contributing to their community is essential, and this camp reinforces what our family values and practices at home. I feel very lucky to have found Camp Kind, and we look forward to joining the camp again next year.
Heidi - Superior

Thank you to Benjy and Schuylar for an enriching and memorable experience.
Allie - Denver

My kids took a break from a Summer filled with sports and arts in order to spend a week at Camp Kind, where they learned the importance of giving back to their community. From a day making toys for animals at a shelter (they were shocked at how many homeless pets there are!) to delivering meals for Project Angel Heart, and helping out at a local goat farm. Each day they came home with stories of new friends made and new skills learned, but most importantly with a spirit of generosity and compassion.
Stacie - Wheat Ridge

First off I wanted to thank you for developing a camp that was specifically geared towards kindness. Sadly it is a concept that is rare in this world. My husband and I stumbled upon the ad for Camp Kind in the Broomfielder. My youngest, Claire, was so excited because she still has that sparkle to be kind to all those around her. My son Braden on the other hand was very against such a concept, not because he was a typical teenager but because he truly doesn't understand kindness.

You see Braden can tell you the definition of being kind and give an example but he had/has to learn what kindness really means. Braden is autistic. Simple acts and emotions he doesn't quite understand which makes him not interested in achieving and others may view him as uncaring and flat. He has to learn the basics; greetings, eye contact, socializing, humor, empathy, kindness.

The first day of camp Claire woke up excited and ready for the day, Braden on the other hand didn't understand why he needed to be kind to others. We've worked on these ideals and emotions since he was 7 and yet he didn't grasp it; until his first day of Camp Kind. He talked the whole way home of all he had accomplished and how just being kind with no reward felt "awesome mom". Though he seems to act like a typical teenager I can assure you he is excited to attend each day and looks forward to each journey.

 On behalf of my family and Braden in particular I thank you for your creative programing and caring for the welfare of our children.

 Jill - Westminster