A Typical Day at Camp Kind

Camp starts 9:00 AM and ends 3:30 PM 

Team Time

TEAM TIME will begin with presenting the day’s KIND theme, and volunteering experience. This will be followed by a discussion on how to apply the theme at home and school, with family and friends and a teaching moment about the Theme. Team Time conclude with a daily cheer.

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Team Activity

 stuffed animals.JPG

The projects be a hands on activity that will relate to one the day’s theme. For example the team could choose to make collectively a toy chest for a needy family, an ambulatory device for a sick animal or to work on a play to present at a senior center at the end of the week.


Each team will be able to elect a different sports activity. The activity will not require a proficiency in the given sport.


Lunch and Snack

 Throughout the day, campers will be given the opportunity to eat lunch, snacks and refill their water bottles. 

Kind Volunteer Trip

Twice a week Camp Kind will go on a field trip to a non-profit and perform volunteer work.  

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Towards the end of each day campers fill in the journals where they remember the day's activities and what they meant to them. Photos of the days activities are later distributed and pasted in to the journals