Benjy and Leah.jpgCamp Directors - Benjy & Leah Brackman

Benjy Brackman has been living in Westminster, Colorado with his wife Leah and their eight children since 2003. Leah and Benjy co-direct Chabad of NW Metro Denver a Jewish outreach organization.

Benjy loves Colorado for its great outdoors including hiking, biking and skiing. Benjy bring many years of day camp experience. For the last 14 years, prior to starting Camp Kind, he directed together with his wife Leah, Gan Izzy a Jewish themed day camp here in Westminster. 

Benjy Brackman continues the Camp Kind tradition of excellence in programming, commitment to safety, and happy campers — while adding new ideas and a creative and fun spirit.   

Camp Kind prides itself on its exceptional staff. All staff come with prior camp experience and a desire to work with kids. Bunk sizes are kept small and well staffed.

Our staff is carefully selected for their dedication and passion for the values promoted and experienced at Camp Kind.

Why our staff have chosen to work in Camp Kind in past summers 

Staff of 2018

Jocheved Addess

 I am very excited to be working at camp kind this summer, and I am looking forward towards all the great activities I will be doing with the campers. These activities are mostly volunteer ones, and that’s what makes them even better than the average activity. Volunteering and modeling acts of kindness to younger kids is extremely important, and I am honored that I get to take part as a role model in this extremely important aspect of kids lives. 

After every time I go and volunteer somewhere for people who aren’t very fortunate, or sick, when I come home, I always think how grateful I am for the life I have, and I hope the campers will have those same thoughts as well. Volunteering for the less fortunate, or sick, really makes you think that maybe you don’t have it so bad, and there are others who have it worse. One good deed no matter how big or how small can impact the world. 


Rebecca Fedida - Daytona Beach 

I am very excited to be spending the summer working at Camp kind where the kids are encouraged and taught at a young age to be involved in their community and to help those in need. I wanted to spend my summer in a place where there’s always a positive atmosphere and have the opportunity to teach these kids leadership skills as well as making a positive impact on their lives. I love working with kids and compared to other camp opportunities Camp Kind was particularly attractive to me because their so focused on each child and I get the chance to be part of a team that is so dedicated to helping those around. I know as a former camper myself, going to camp was always the most exciting part of my summer and I hope to be able to give the kids at Camp Kind a summer to remembers! 


My name is Shayna Fogel, and I will be working in camp kind this summer. 

I am really looking forward to giving these kids this unique camp experience. It’s really important to show kids that doing all of these good deeds can be done by having fun! I can’t wait to spend an amazing summer with these kids! 


  Staff of 2017 

Fleur Haber - London, England

I am looking forward to working  at Camp Kind this summer because of the values the camp teaches to children. I think it is very important that as well as having a fun and exciting summer, children should aware of the issues affecting the world around them. 

Two aspects of Camp Kind that I relate to particularly are the relationship between the camp and young refugees, and the activities that encourage environmental preservation. As the grandchild of a refugee I have found recent attitudes towards people in this situation upsetting, so I find the idea of creating empathy and understanding to be encouraging. Also, I feel that the damage being done to nature and the environment is something that is often underestimated and overlooked, so educating children to try to fix this is something I would like to have the chance to do.


Shira Hill - Denver, Colorado 

I chose to work at Camp Kind because it is so important to care about others, to volunteer, and to learn about the challenges the world is facing. There is so much value to understanding issues in the world and becoming passionate about them, and knowing that you can make a difference. I want to help campers realize how important kindness and caring are, and how much they can contribute to the community and world around them.

Empowering children to advocate and volunteer for what they are passionate about is an incredible opportunity and adds so much to society. Caring for refugees and the environment are relevant issues today and they require our attention. Teaching children to relate to these issues is a great way to raise awareness and show them how their actions can change the world for the better. Treating other people and animals with compassion is so important, and realizing how rewarding and fun volunteering can be is such a valuable lesson. 


Keryn Miller  - Edgware, England 

Childhood is a very important time during an individual’s life. During this period, you not only are encouraged to have fun but it is also the time when you learn the most about the world. I feel that Camp Kind combines these two factors together perfectly. By volunteering each day, the campers will be helping to give something back to the community they live in, whilst having fun and learning about different themes at the same time.

The more children enjoy volunteering when they are young, the more likely they are to carry on as they get older. Over the last few years I have had many volunteering opportunities in different settings. I would really like to be able to pass on the knowledge and enjoyment that I gained from these experiences and I feel that Camp Kind is the perfect place to do so.