What our parents are saying about Camp Kind



First off I wanted to thank you for developing a camp that was specifically geared towards kindness. Sadly it is a concept that is rare in this world. My husband and I stumbled upon the ad for Camp Kind in the Broomfielder. My youngest, Claire, was so excited because she still has that sparkle to be kind to all those around her. My son Braden on the other hand was very against such a concept, not because he was a typical teenager but because he truly doesn't understand kindness.

You see Braden can tell you the definition of being kind and give an example but he had/has to learn what kindness really means. Braden is autistic. Simple acts and emotions he doesn't quite understand which makes him not interested in achieving and others may view him as uncaring and flat. He has to learn the basics; greetings, eye contact, socializing, humor, empathy, kindness.

The first day of camp Claire woke up excited and ready for the day, Braden on the other hand didn't understand why he needed to be kind to others. We've worked on these ideals and emotions since he was 7 and yet he didn't grasp it; until his first day of Camp Kind. He talked the whole way home of all he had accomplished and how just being kind with no reward felt "awesome mom". Though he seems to act like a typical teenager I can assure you he is excited to attend each day and looks forward to each journey.

 On behalf of my family and Braden in particular I thank you for your creative programing and caring for the welfare of our children.

 Jill - Westminster 


I was so happy to find a camp like this for all my kids! They were not really looking forward to going to the camp and had no idea what to expect. I am happy to report, they were not only pleasantly surprised, but learned a great deal about giving their time to help those in need and the importance of giving back! Thank you for this wonderful experience! We look forward to doing it again! I am grateful we found you!

When my daughter was eight years old she said for Christmas she wanted to volunteer at an orphanage, homeless shelter, and an animal shelter. I struggled to make one of those a reality for her, and only found one animal shelter open to this in a child so young. As a parent I was so proud of her for having the desire to help others! This camp provided the means for her to have a whole week of a variety of volunteer experiences and I was thrilled to have found it! What a joy Camp Kind was for us, and the added benefit of children learning to give back and help others less fortunate than themselves is the best lesson Camp Kind provided!


Having elementary aged children, it can often be hard to find volunteer activities that they are old enough to participate in. Even though we can donate toys around the holidays or write checks to charities, it doesn't really show my kids what it means to be homeless or a refugee or an animal without a family. Camp Kind gave my kids the opportunity to explore the different charitable opportunities in a friendly and impactful way. They came home from camp, happy and with a ton of great stories to share. The field trips were different than the run-of-the-mill day camp trips and much more meaningful. They also loved the activities leading up to the different field trips (every day they ask me if they can make dog toys), the songs they learned for the Senior Center visit and donation jars to give money to their favorite charity. I'm excited to sign them up again next year!


 Camp Kind is a wonderful camp that teaches children charity can be fun.


 I sent my two kids, ages 8 and 12, to Camp Kind. They both LOVED the camp! Benjy managed to make volunteering and helping others not only fun, but cool. My kids came home every day feeling very proud of the work that they had done - and asking to go back and volunteer some more! It was a wonderful experience for both kids.


 What an amazing experience and a great way for my kids to give back in their community! One of a kind camp!!


 My kids had a great time at Camp Kind this year. It was also an incredibly eye-opening and valuable experience for them; they learned the importance of helping others and surely gained a greater sense of gratitude in the process. I would highly recommend Camp Kind! ~ Brooke Fleishmann

Camp Kind offered my daughter a glimpse into the many different ways we are fortunate and can help others in need. This is a great way for children to have fun and meet others through unique experiences while giving back to the community!

I would recommend this camp to everyone I know and those I don't know - honestly, this camp helped our kids learn to be more empathetic and give back to their own community and those in need! This camp is fantastic!!!!


Camp Kind was an amazing experience for my 6 year old daughter. Everyone that was apart of it was approachable, personable, and welcoming. The trips were awesome and it was the perfect mix of fun and service! I would highly recommend Camp Kind to anyone that wants to get their kids off of the couch and involved in a fun, service based, non-traditional camp!


In conversations with my grandson in regards to Camp Kind, he absolutely loved all of the trips. It really made him stop and think about so many things he would not know. For the most part the trips to the various places made him see a different side of life. The daily trips generated such great conversation and thoughts for us and Cameron. We told so many people about how wonderful this camp is. This is a camp for the older kids that can be so beneficial for us as human beings. We all thought it was amazing!!!


 My children thoroughly enjoyed Camp Kind. I loved that the field trips introduced them to worlds outside of their bubble. It was a great week.


Broomfield Mom 

I did not know what to expect of Camp Kind other than it sounded like a great way for my children to experience and be exposed to areas of our community that I may not be able to give them. Honestly they rolled their eyes at me when I told them I signed them up for "Camp Kind", because I am always emphasizing to them to be kind to one another and others no matter what the circumstances and not to mention they had to get up early for a week during summer break. So I picked them up after the first day and was blown away. I expected to hear grumbles of "I'm tired" or "It was fine", but both of them seemed so content and genuinely happy for a moment. I asked how day one went and both with a air of peace said "I really liked it a lot" yet neither one could explain why. I don't know if it was the atmosphere that Benjy and his staff created, the experiences that my children had in our community or maybe the group of kids they were in this camp with, but by the end of the week they both wanted to sign up for another session. Unfortunately we already had plans for the rest of the summer and it wasn't in our budget, but they both said they want to do two weeks next summer. So I have started budgeting. Thank you Camp Kind for a great experience and I look forward to next summer.



Extremely impressed with Camp Kind. Teaching children the value and importance of giving back and contributing to their community is essential, and this camp reinforces what our family values and practices at home. I feel very lucky to have found Camp Kind, and we look forward to joining the camp again next year.
Heidi - Superior


Thank you to Benjy and Schuylar for an enriching and memorable experience.
Allie - Denver


My kids took a break from a Summer filled with sports and arts in order to spend a week at Camp Kind, where they learned the importance of giving back to their community. From a day making toys for animals at a shelter (they were shocked at how many homeless pets there are!) to delivering meals for Project Angel Heart, and helping out at a local goat farm. Each day they came home with stories of new friends made and new skills learned, but most importantly with a spirit of generosity and compassion.
Stacie - Wheat Ridge