Kindness Workshops take place once a week on Wednesday during our in-camp day


Kids Connect - Helping Colorado's Refugee Community

Camp Kind is partnering with local refugee agencies to bring awareness, offer assistance and interaction with our local refugee population. This unique opportunity will bring to life the unique circumstances of refugees living right here in Metro Denver, to our campers. 

Volunteer Heroes

Volunteer Heroes will bring people who have had unique volunteering experiences, such as humanitarian trips to third world countries, to share their experiences with the campers and show them more extreme forms of volunteering.

These local Volunteer Heroes will bring a message of encouragement for community service to our own young volunteers. In return Camp Kind will present them with the Camp Kind Volunteer Award.

Volunteers from the following organizations be visiting Camp Kind.

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Charity for Kids
At the beginning of each week campers create their own charity box. Campers are encouraged to bring a few coins to camp each day for their charity box. At the end of the week, the campers debate the pros and cons of the non-profits they have visited during the week and vote on the one they want to donate their coins to.