Make this summer count at Camp Kind

Camp Kind volunteer trips are fun and meaningful with each field trip carefully planned and presented with before and after discussions to give campers an immersive and impactful volunteer engagement.

Trips take place after the campers arrive at camp. Campers travel to volunteer field trips with Adams 12 school district buses and travel to and from our camp site in Westminster.

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The Urban Farm

Explore farm productions and muck stalls at The Urban Farm. The Urban Farm strives to provide the opportunity for urban youth to engage and participate in local food and agricultural systems.

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

WRV is a nonprofit organization that engages volunteers in restoration projects across Colorado. Remove invasive species of weeds, etc. from local areas with WRV

Eco-Cycle Charm

Take a tour of the Eco-Cycle's outdoor facility. Learn how to be kind to our earth by properly recycling hard to recycle materials. Eco-Cycle’s mission is to innovate, implement, and advocate for local and global Zero Waste solutions to foster a more regenerative, equitable, and climate-resilient future.

Boulder County Recycling Center

Tour the Boulder County Recycling Center for an in-depth look and see how recyclable materials are sorted, baled, and sent off to markets to be made into new products. The Boulder County Recycling Center prepares recyclable materials for shipment to recycling mills. The facility processes over 60,000 tons a year!

Milk and Honey Farm

Help clean up the farm and gardens at Milk and Honey Farm. Enjoy a treat from the produce grown on the farm and finish off with a visit from the goats. Milk and Honey Farm is a community resource, an educational farm, and a working farm. Most vegetables grown at Milk and Honey Farm are donated. They also have co-op opportunities available in their community.

Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

Learn and visit rescued farmed animals at Luvin Arms. Help maintain the grounds by cleaning up, weeding and shoveling. Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary for abused or neglected farmed animals. Luvin Arms has directly saved over 800 animal lives, and tens of thousands of more lives through our education and outreach.

Barr Lake State Park

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Go on a nature walk at Barr Lake. Explore several wildlife viewing stations and a tour the nature center. Learn the importance of conserving nature and the wildlife.

Animal Shelter


About This Volunteer Opportunity

Go behind the scenes and tour facilities like Riverdale Animal Shelter and Boulder Humane Society. Learn the importance of the humane treatment of animals.

Tour the kennels.

Campers donate their camp-made toys directly to the animals.


Open Space Clean Up















​About This Volunteer Opportunity

Clean up and help maintain the pollinator garden at Standley Lake Regional Park in Westminster. Weed and plant seeds or flowers to help encourage pollinators.

Learn how the open space thrives with species of plants and wild life

​Project Angel Heart

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Tour the mega kitchen of Project Angel Heart

Decorate food distribution bags 

Distribute Food to Project Heart clients and bring a smile to their faces

Food Bank of the Rockies

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Fight hunger with Foodbank of the Rockies by organizing and packing food donations for distribution. Foodbank of the Rockies is the largest hunger-relief organization in the Rocky Mountain region. They distribute upwards of 196,000 meals every day!

Precious Child

About This Volunteer Opportunity 

Sort and organize clothing and other donations at Precious Child.

Precious Child provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential

Community Farming

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Learn about sustainable living

Help maintain this important community resource to Boulder's underprivileged community

Pick produce to be distributed to local soup kitchens

Smile on Seniors

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Campers visit local senior facilities and bring cheer to the residents 

Chalk of Kindness

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Camp Kind’s message of kindness should be no secret. With a Chalk of Kindness, Camp Kind campers spread their message of love to the public with their carefully crafted messages of hope, kindness and encouragement.

Public Service Appreciation  Day 

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Showing appreciation is what we do at Camp Kind, from encouraging the kids to say thank you to being kind to one another. A special thank you is always deserving to our Police and Fire personal. The trip is always much appreciated by both the campers and the police, ambulance and fire personal.

Flowers for Patients   

Campers will visit St. Anthony's North Health Campus and work with florist Cherry Blossoms and her staff to make flower bouquets and get well cards to be delivered to the hospital patients.

Campers will also have a tour of the hospital and learn of other ways they can volunteer and help patients.