Make this summer count at Camp Kind

Camp Kind volunteer trips are fun and meaningful with each field trip carefully planned and presented with before and after discussions to give campers an immersive and impactful volunteer engagement.

Trips take place after the campers arrive at camp. Campers travel to volunteer field trips with Adams 12 school district buses and travel to and from our camp site in Westminster.



Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary 

Hearts and Horses

  About This Volunteer Opportunity

Campers will learn all about the important work of Hearts and Horses.

Rake and clean the horse stables   

Paint the facility 

Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

  About This Volunteer Opportunity

Campers will learn all about Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

Clear Evasive species 

Plant grasses that are friendly to birds and wildlife

We Don't Waste 

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Learn the workings of We Don’t Waste that has recovered over 17,000,000 meals for the hungry.

 Help manage food donations for We Don't Waste to distribute to local food pantries. 

Animal Shelter

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See the behind the scenes and workings of an animal shelter and learn the importance of humane treatment of animals. 

Tour the kennels.

Campers donate their camp-made toys directly to the dogs


  Newborns In Need

 About This Volunteer Opportunity

Tour Denver Health Medical Center and learn about the workings of a community hospital

Pack gift bags of onesies, diapers and other necessities for mom with newborns

Visit the maternity ward of Denver Health and get a peek at the newborns. 

Open Space Clean Up

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Keep Eldorado Canyon Beautiful  

Help remove invasive weeds and trash

Learn how the open space thrives with species of plants and wild life

Project Angel Heart

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Tour the mega kitchen of Project Angel Heart

Decorate food distribution bags 

Distribute Food to Project Heart clients and bring a smile to their faces

Food Bank of the Rockies

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Kind Pioneers (11-13yr) will enjoy an exciting morning volunteering at   Food Bank of the Rockies   and learning about how this important organization serves Colorado and surrounding states

Precious Child

About This Volunteer Opportunity 

Kind Explorers (7-10yr) will visit Broomfield's Precious Child where they will volunteer at this important community organization

Community Farming

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Learn about sustainable living

Help maintain this important community resource to Boulder's underprivileged community

Pick produce to be distributed to local soup kitchens

Smile on Seniors

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Campers visit local senior facilities and bring cheer to the residents 

Chalk of Kindness

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Camp Kind’s message of kindness should be no secret. With a Chalk of Kindness, Camp Kind campers spread their message of love to the public with their carefully crafted messages of hope, kindness and encouragement.

Public Service Appreciation  Day 

About This Volunteer Opportunity

Showing appreciation is what we do at Camp Kind, from encouraging the kids to say thank you to being kind to one another. A special thank you is always deserving to our Police and Fire personal. The trip is always much appreciated by both the campers and the police, ambulance and fire personal.

Flowers for Patients   

Campers will visit St. Anthony's North Health Campus and work with florist Cherry Blossoms and her staff to make flower bouquets and get well cards to be delivered to the hospital patients.

Campers will also have a tour of the hospital and learn of other ways they can volunteer and help patients.